Courage and Confrontation

A Little More About This Series  

Virtually every time we see Elijah in I Kings, he is praying. The prophet was a man who prayed often.  In fact, James, the half brother of Jesus tells us that Elijah is the greatest example we can find anywhere of a man who knew how to pray effectively and fervently. So, if any of us want to see our prayer lives become effective and productive, we should examine the prayer life of this man Elijah.

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This Series Dedicated to the People of First Church OKC.

As mentioned in episode #1 of this Courage and Confrontation series, we have dedicated this series of teachings to the people of First Church in downtown OKC.  They fight for what they believe and for the truth that has been proclaimed on the corner of 4th and Robinson in Oklahoma City.

For more specific details about  this we have created a blog post with many helpful informational resources to learn the complete background of the situations with the Methodist Denomination and the specific situation with First Church OKC.

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