The Tharaka Project

Pictured Above: The first Group to travel with Pastor Harris t0 Tharaka CIRCA 1986.

Pastor Nick Harris and wife Chrystal were passionate about Each One Feed One's Tharaka Mission in Africa then, and that passion continues to burn strong today.  10% of funds donated to Ariel Missions will be given to Each One Feed One projects at the Tharaka Mission.

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Ariel Ministries Commitment

Ariel Ministries is commitment to Each One Feed One and the mission in Tharaka Kenya remans constant.  

Ariel Ministries will continue to donate 10% of ALL donations to
Each One Feed One projects in Tharaka Kenya.

Ariel Ministries is committed to the Great Commandment and the Great Commission. We are devoted to loving the world as Christ did, and we have gone both individually and financially into the far reaches of this planet. 

Especially important to our ministry is a clinic and a school that Pastor Harris helped found in the Tharaka Region of Kenya which has been his passion since 1983. 

Our story of missions

To understand our story in missions, we would love to invite you to listen to our dedicated podcast episode on MISSIONS. It is hard to sum up 35 years of a missional partnership up in a few paragraphs.  Listen as Linda McCarter and her son Jeff McCarter tell us about Each One Feed One, how it started, what they have accomplished and where they are going.